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Fancy dress shop

Buy/sell costumes and occasion wear

Fancy dress shop/discussion
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This is a community for people to discuss, give advice on and buy/sell occasion wear, such as faerie wings, gowns for balls, halloween costumes and any other fancy dress wear you can dream of.
These can be self-made, second-hand or retail goods.
We welcome recommendations of good places to buy materials for fancy dress, any ideas and tips you'd like give, stories of your fancy dress experiences and details of your latest projects.
You are also welcomed to advertise any hand-made or second hand fancy dress items you may have for sale

When contacting users via email please put Fancydresser followed by your username in the subject heading. New members may find it useful to read the communities memories.


Bex's username: sterilespells
If you have any problems contact me on the email address above.
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